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Have You Ever Wondered What You Would Look Like With a "Million Dollar Smile"?

Let an Orthodontic (Braces) Specialist Recommend the Right Treatment Plan For You

Have You Ever Wondered What You Would Look Like With a "Million Dollar Smile"?

Let an Orthodontics (Braces) Specialist Recommend the Right Treatment Plan For You

Have You Ever Wondered What You Would Look Like With a "Million Dollar Smile"?

Let an Orthodontics (Braces) Specialist Recommend the Right Treatment Plan For You

Have You Ever Wondered What You Would Look Like With a "Million Dollar Smile"?

Let an Orthodontics (Braces) Specialist Recommend the Right Treatment Plan For You

Hi, I'm Dr Wee Teng Yau.

As a former Orthodontic Specialist at National Dental Centre, there's still nothing more satisfying than helping people regain the joy of smiling.

Over the past 17 years, I've seen children and adults start smiling, laughing and speaking to people more—because they are now proud of their teeth. Not to mention experiencing improved oral health because their bite is corrected and can now easily clean their teeth.

Among my patients, not everyone has the same alignment issues and concerns about their smile. It is vital to address these issues and develop a proper treatment plan right from the get-go.

Imagine the consequences of a wrong diagnosis, or being told your concerns cannot be corrected with orthodontics halfway through the treatment.

That should never happen. This is why at Weety Orthodontics Specialist Care, all my patients go through a Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment. I'll personally evaluate your condition and work with you to determine the treatment options that are best suited to achieve the smile you want.

What You'll Know From the Diagnostic Assessment

Whether extractions are needed

Some cases can be treated with or without extractions, but with different end results. Sometimes keeping all the teeth, even when it looks like there isn’t enough space, is crucial in achieving an ideal outcome. We'll let you know the expected results based on the treatment option, so you have an idea of how your teeth will turn out.

Estimated duration of braces treatment

Duration of treatment is determined by the complexity of individual cases. In special cases, if you have a specific deadline to meet, we'll explore if an expedited treatment plan is suitable for you.

Recommended type of braces appliances

Know the difference between the various types of braces and which suits you best. Whether it's the traditional metal braces, ceramic braces or Invisalign, we got it covered for you.

What to expect during treatment

From getting your pre-treatment records done to daily cleaning and hygiene, to handling common problems and issues, we'll go through each step with you. This way, you'll have a clear idea of how to ease through the treatment process with minimal fuss.

Extensive Range of Braces

Our focus is to find you the best type of braces for your situation—without any sales gimmick. Having a wide range of braces appliances helps us to come up with the most suitable treatment plan that fulfils all your needs.


Metal braces are the most popular form of braces in Singapore. This value-for-money option is excellent for adding colour and enthusiasm to your smile while having dental braces! They are comfortable, effective and are suitable for everyone, young and old.


If you don't want your braces to show as much, we have Invisalign and ceramic options that match the colour of your teeth. Some of these options may cost more, but if aesthetics are your priority, we have these alternatives for you.

Reduce discomfort

Some people may prefer self-ligating braces as the unique design allows the wire to slide with minimal friction. This makes your braces treatment less painful and can potentially align your teeth in a shorter time.

Why Your Smile Matters So Much...

Who Am I?

Hi, I'm Dr Wee Teng Yau, and I'm the founder of Weety Orthodontics Specialist Care. Before starting my Orthodontics clinic, I graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Bachelor of Dental surgery in 2002.

After practising general dentistry for two years, I started to pursue specialist training in orthodontics at NUS. In 2007, I obtained both a Master Degree in Orthodontics (NUS) and a Diploma of Membership in Orthodontics from the Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh).

Today, in my 17th year of practice, my purpose remains the same: to passionately advocate for proper treatment of orthodontic issues and in doing so, improve people's quality of life.


I am not sure if I need braces

Can I be too old to wear braces?

How do I know if my children need braces or orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontist versus General Dentist: What is the Difference?

How long will my braces treatment take?

Will I feel pain?

How often are the appointments after I put on my braces?

Will my results be permanent?

How much does it cost?

What does my Braces Package include?

Improper braces treatment can affect your face shape and result in irreversible damage. It is vital to go through a comprehensive diagnostic assessment to accurately identify the problem areas and prescribe an effective treatment plan.

In our bid to help as many people with their orthodontic problems as early as possible, we are offering the Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment at $37.50(nett) only—including dental X-ray scan.

There is no obligation for you to start treatment. Take all the time you need to decide after the consultation. If you choose to have the recommended treatment, then the consultation fee will be offset from the braces fee.

Simply fill in the form below to schedule an appointment and we'll start serving you immediately.

  • Thorough assessment of your orthodontic problems using dental X-rays 
  • Understand the most suitable treatment plan based on your needs and lifestyle
  • How to achieve a beautiful NEW smile with minimal fuss
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